So you want to know stuff about things, huh? I suppose you came to the right page, then. If you do not want to know stuff about things then you probably clicked wrong!

About Me

On the internets I have generally gone by the name Kameko, but lately I have been switching to DMK or Inglorious DMK as that tends to get me ridiculed less often in the more jaded parts of the internet. If you see Layne or Deliciously Morbid around that could very well be me too! In any case you can call me Amanda if aliases confuse you or if you just like it better.

I play videogames, I watch anime, I love gay tennis. I’m a university graduate and I can read Japanese kinda. No I will not translate your doujinshi for you. Okay maybe if it’s awesome. I am an advocate of singular they, so do not even try correcting me on that one grammar nazis, I am doing it on purpose.

About the Site

One day I was in a forum and some guys were talking about domain names. Turns out, they’re only like ten bucks a year. “Well damn,” I thought, “I have ten bucks sitting in my Paypal account right now.” So I popped over to one of the webhosting places they recommended, because I have always wanted to be one of those classy people with my own domain name and real big-boy webhosting.

This site is hosted on Dreamhost because they made me an offer I could not refuse. It used to be hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.net. They are both pretty okay places imo.

The name of the site is the title I used for my short-lived Blogspot account. I’d always rather liked it and I was sad that I wasted it on something I never used, so I took it back. I don’t remember where I got it from.

The bro in the banner is from not simple¬†by Natsume Ono. It’s a pretty excellent manga.


You can email me at dmk@starkraving.org or pop over to my tumblr if you want to get ahold of me.