It wasn’t like he’d never had friends before, he was antisocial but he’d made one here or there as people tend to do. All his previous friends had just been what some might classify as terrible, and what he personally classified as jackasses. Certainly none of them had made cooing noises at his cat, or tried to buy him ridiculously flashy outfits, or acted interested in his life at all, and okay maybe he really hadn’t had any friends before. That, or his initial suspicions were correct, and Taisei was some kind of martian, it would explain a lot.

“Are you done yet?” Taisei whined, his chin resting on the counter, the rest of him bowed and twisted to accomplish such a feat. “How long does it take you to count stuff? It never takes Jiro this long.”

Yuudai flicked a wadded piece of paper at Taisei’s head, wishing he had something more substantial. “I finish at the same time every day,” he groused, “don’t come so early if you hate waiting so much.”

Taisei perked up and grinned, much to Yuudai’s confusion.

“What?” Yuudai snapped, feeling his neck getting hot.

“Usually you’d tell me not to come at all!” Taisei said triumphantly. Yuudai threw a pen at him this time, but Taisei managed to duck it. “Anyway, I lost my watch, I had to guess.”

“You have a cellphone, don’t you?” Yuudai grumbled from under the counter, where he’d ducked to lock up the cash box and certainly not to hide his bright red face.

“Oh, I forgot about that.”

“Idiot.” Yuudai, his complexion back to normal, popped back up, dusting off his hands. “I’m done, let’s go.”

Taisei practically clapped with joy as Yuudai closed up the shop. “I found the coolest place when I was out with my coworkers yesterday, only no one else knows that it’s cool yet, so you’ll like it, I promise.”

Yuudai looked at Taisei suspiciously. “Is it another cat cafe?”

Taisei looked hurt. “How did you know?”

Yuudai bit the inside of his lip to keep from laughing. “No it uh… it sounds cool.”

“And then we can go shopping!”


“Spoilsport.” Taisei took Yuudai’s hand and dragged him down the street, talking and talking and talking. People stared at them, but Yuudai didn’t notice.

“Hey,” Yuudai said, “Are you a gay martian?”

“Maybe!” Taisei replied. “You can never rule anything out I guess!”

Yuudai smiled. It was really kind of nice to have a friend.

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