Pale Red

Maceline’s fingers crept across Bubblegum’s neck. “Did you know that pink is just a light shade of red?” she said, and she pressed her nails into Bubblegum’s skin. “Less filling, but so much sweeter.”

“The classification of hues is a societal construct,” Bubblegum said quietly. Her heart was pounding and her head felt light and airy. She stared at Marceline’s bare collarbones, but she dared not reach out to touch them.

Marceline tilted Bubblegum’s chin up. “Tell me you want it, Bonnibel.”

Bubblegum’s face grew flushed, and tempting. She couldn’t, she couldn’t. “I..”

Marceline kissed Bubblegum, just below the jaw. Her fangs left faint lines on her pale pink skin. “Tell me you want me to drink all the colors out of you,” she said, her rich voice raising goosebumps on Bubblegum’s skin. “Tell me you want me to suck you dry, tell me you want me to use you all up.”

Bubblegum put her arms around Marceline and pulled her close. “I..” she said again, and stopped, unsure. She could feel Marceline’s heart pounding against her chest.

“Tell me,” Marceline whispered in Bubblegum’s ear. “Tell me this time.”

Bubblegum closed her eyes. “I want you to love me,” she said.

Marceline didn’t say anything, but Bubblegum could feel her smile, and that was enough.

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