Sloppy Makeouts

Maybe their mutual affinity for slam poetry was some kind of a sign. Maybe there was some sort of Trollspearean romance to the whole opposing ends of the blood spectrum aspect. Maybe, just maybe, Tavros just didn’t want to be the only troll not to engage in sloppy makeouts by his sixth solar sweep. Whatever the reason, after Gamzee propositioned him, Tavros came out of his initial shock to find he’d already replied with “uH SURE i MEAN THAT SOUNDS FINE i GUESS”

There’s just no going back on a commitment like that, Tavros reasoned.

“On My WaY ;o)” trollian blinked back, and Tavros wondered what he had gotten himself into. What did sloppy makeouts even really consist of? Karkat’s dumb movies were full of them, but Tavros didn’t feel like they were a very comprehensive instructional guide, and he was no troll Will Smith in the first place. Maybe he could roleplay it; Gamzee could be some kind of jester/bard hybrid class, and Tavros could be a skylark who knew how to make out.

“Oh man,” Tavros said to himself, “That’s a pretty dumb idea, isn’t it?”

“No such thing as a dumb idea, just unfortunate outcomes.”

Tavros nearly fell out of his chair, he wheeled it around so quickly. “H-how are you here already?” he squeaked.

Gamzee spread his arms wide. “I don’t question the miracles, brother, I just motherfucking enjoy them.”

Tavros laughed nervously. “A, uh, miracle got you here, then?”

“That’s what I figure.” Gamzee shrugged and pushed his hair out of his eyes. “Sometimes when I’ve been hitting the slime pies pretty hard I get some blackouts and shit and then miracles happen.”

“I don’t know how to have makeouts,” Tavros blurted out, and then his cheeks went dark and he hid his face in his hands.

Gamzee was smiling. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, kneeling in front of Tavros and pulling his hands away. “We’ll just mash our motherfucking lips together until we figure it out.”

“That uh sounds…” Tavros looked into Gamzee’s eyes, and he swallowed hard, “Good?”

“Really good,” Gamzee corrected, leaning in.

Tavros’ heart pounded. “Fucking excellent,” he said.

And it totally was.

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