Nature and Nurture

It had been about power, about proving that the boy wonder was just an animal when you got down to it, a primal being just like everyone else, and Jason Todd was a predator of the highest order. Everyone was the same with a cock in their mouth.

Jason smashed the window of Dick’s shabby Blüdhaven apartment and pushed Dick into the bed, one hand on his throat, the other at Dick’s fly. Dick made a weak effort to push him away, but nothing near true resistance. What a slut, Jason thought to himself, disregarding the hefty dose of tranquilizers he’d slipped into Dick’s faggy chamomile tea.

Jason slipped off Dick’s jeans and then undid his own fly while Dick glared daggers at him. Jason could feel the heavy rise and fall of Dick’s chest against his thighs. “My first wet dream was just like this,” he said, and he shoved his cock into Dick’s mouth.

Dick groaned, and one hand twisted limply in the sheets, while the other moved to stroke himself. He really is a slut, Jason thought as he thrust in and out. Dick sucked on him, hard, and Jason wondered who else he’d done this with, as though he even had to guess.

“You’re an asshole,” Dick said when Jason was finished, cum and drool dripping from his mouth onto the pillow.

Jason zipped up his pants. “The only difference between you and me, Dickie-Bird, is that I stopped giving a fuck,” he said, and he stepped gingerly out the broken window and down to his bike, hidden behind a dumpster.

The trip to Gotham was a long one, but Jason didn’t mind, it gave him plenty of time to think. The police station had excellent security, but the building beside it did not, and it was barely any effort to scale it and leap across the rooftops. They really should pay more attention to the roof, Jason thought as he hefted his crowbar and smashed the bat signal to pieces.

Maybe it hadn’t all been about power.

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