For The Taking

It was the rope that jerked Ceasar out of the lust-fog, wrapped tight around his wrists, pinning them together behind his back. He panicked. He remembered the pub, and the waitress bringing him a drink and pointing to a table on the other side of the room. He didn’t know where he was now, though the familiar wallpaper pattern told him he was still inside the school.

Ceasar struggled against the ropes. He couldn’t see anyone in the room, so he called out experimentally. “Look,” he said, the edge of desperation obvious in his voice, “I don’t know what I told you, but you seem to have the wrong idea.”

“I think not,” someone answered from behind him. Ceasar turned his head and caught a glimpse of blond curls and cold, blank eyes. The man at the pub, who’d sent him his favourite drink and smiled at him. Ceasar had always been attracted to cold eyes like his, he didn’t know why. “You’re the one who seems to be mistaken.”

“Listen-” Ceasar began, wondering what the virus had promised him. His heart was speeding up now, leaping into his throat.

“No,” the man-Cleatus, Ceasar thought, that was his name-said, kneeling on the bed behind him, “You listen.” He grabbed Ceasar by the hair and wrenched him against himself. Ceasar felt cold fingers on his chest. “I’m going to fuck you now,” Cleatus whispered in his ear. “It will hurt. You’ll scream, but no one will hear you.”

Ceasar trembled in that cold, insistent grip. He could feel Cleatus smiling against his skin. “I don’t think you understand,” he said, his voice barely a whisper.

“I understand enough. You’re the one who tempted me first.” Cleatus pushed Ceasar’s jeans down his thighs. “But you know all about temptation, don’t you? You’ve tasted from the original, after all.”

Ceasar froze for a moment in shock, then began to struggle violently. “You knew,” he said, “Why would you if you knew it was him, why-“

“Shhhhhh,” Cleatus hissed, and his hand was over Ceasar’s mouth. “You let your guard down, didn’t you? You started thinking it would always be easy. They’d always be there to save you when it came to this.” Without warning, Cleatus thrust up. Ceasar let loose a muffled scream into his hand. “But where are they now?”

Tears of pain prickled at the corners of Ceasar’s eyes and he flushed with anger. “Come now,” Cleatus said, mocking, “you were begging me for this not half an hour ago.”

“That was him,” Ceasar managed to gasp through Cleatus’ slackened grip, “You know it was him! Why are you doing this?”

“Where’s the line between you and him? I think you’ve forgotten, yourself.” Cleatus moved his hand from Ceasar’s mouth completely, lowering his fingers to grip his throat, feel the rise and fall as he swallowed. “They lie to you every day,” he said, and his other hand moved to Ceasar’s lap. “But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

Ceasar felt his stomach drop. “They don’t-“

“Oh, but they do. You know they do. They have a secret between them, and they won’t let you in, will they?” Cleatus began to move again, slowly. “That’s where I differ from their kind, with their falsehoods and their blind devotion. I value truth, Ceasar. I will tell it even if it is horrible, or if no one wants to hear it. Isn’t it better that way?”

“Fuck you,” Ceasar said. And then he couldn’t say anything else.

* * *

Cleatus pulled his gloves back on with casual elegance. “I’m going to untie you,” he said, “and I would suggest that you not try to fight me when you’re released, because I will not hesitate to crush your throat beneath my fingers.” He smiled that cold, bemused smile. “But before I do that, I will tell you three things. One,” and he held up a gloved finger in accompaniment, “You asked me why. It’s because they want you, even though you’re a human. You have a beautiful body, so it was not much of a chore.”

Ceasar glared up at Cleatus, but said nothing.

“Two,” and another finger went up beside the first, “As a gift, I’ll confirm the suspicions you already had. The creatures you spend your time with, your friends, are not human. Neither am I. Neither is half this school.” Ceasar’s glare softened to confusion, and Cleatus laughed. “Ask them yourself. They’ll probably lie to you like they usually do, but you can always tell, can’t you? You’ll know.”

“I’m not asking them anything,” Ceasar said, his voice soft and hoarse.

“Three,” and Cleatus leaned down, put his gloved hand to Ceasar’s cheek, “I will come for you again, and again after that. At first you will hate it. You’ll scream and you’ll glare daggers at me like you are now. But eventually you will yearn for it. One day you’ll come looking for me, and on that day I’ll win this battle.” Ceasar was shaking with rage now; Cleatus just chuckled as he untied the bonds. “I look forward to seeing you fall,” he said.

As Cleatus shut the door behind himself, Ceasar buried his face in a pillow, trying to get those cold eyes out of his head, and failing.

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