Here we are: new site, same look. Everything ought to be up-to-date now, so that’s alright. And now you can leave comments, hooray? Let me know if I buggered anything up.

The miscellaneous section (including icons) has been removed until either I have time to do it up the hard way or I find a gallery plugin that is just simplicity and kicking it oldschool instead of javascript shenanigans left and right.

ETA: Fixed the centering issue in Firefox, probably.

3 thoughts on “Relaunch

  1. It’s really, really pretty.. and very slick. (Congrats!) ^__^ The only thing is, is that it’s terribly difficult to tell what the text is over the picture.. maybe try shifting the picture over, and then moving the text to the center, underneath the navigation menu?

  2. That is exactly where it was supposed to be! I am a stubborn fool who develops in Internet Explorer and ends up bugging the heck out of Firefox, lol.

    Should be fixed now.

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