Tequila Sunrise

“Fucking ow,” Ceasar swore as sunlight shone into his eyes. He flung an arm over his face and groaned. “What time is it?”

“It’s only like eight-thirty.” Ice set some things down on the nightstand and sat down on the bed. “I tried to make you drink some water last night but you fell asleep. Sorry. Is your head okay?”

“Shut up, so loud.” Ceasar opened his eyes and pouted up at Ice, clutching his stomach. “I want to puke so bad right now. Get me a bucket. Or a trashcan.”

“I don’t have either of those.” Ice stroked Ceasar’s hair a little. “I brought you some stomach medicine, though. And a coffee. And some aspirin. And a glass of water.”

Ceasar rolled over and groped for the two pill bottles on the nightstand, struggling with the lids for a few moments before flinging them to the bed in despair. Ice picked them up and twisted the tops off, tipping a couple of each into Ceasar’s outstretched hand. “Thanks,” Ceasar said, washing them down with a swig of coffee before collapsing back into the pillows. “Bastard, how come you never get hung over? You drink even more than I do.”

Ice shrugged. “Lucky, I guess.” He fidgeted, picking at the blanket. “So, um, aren’t you gonna ask about—”

“What, why I’m naked in your dorm room?” Ceasar sighed and curled on his side. “One thing at a time. Do you think it’ll stop hurting if I sleep some more? I think it will. I still think I should just puke and get it over with but I kind of don’t want to.”

Ice bit his lip, trying not to laugh. “Did you need something else? I brought everything I could think of. Maybe like a hot water bottle or something? I dunno.”

“It’s fine.” Ceasar paused and cracked an eye open to look up at Ice. “We did do it last night, right?”

“Oh. Uh, yeah, we did.” Ice glanced away nervously. “I guess I shouldn’t have since you were so drunk and all, but I was pretty drunk too and you were being really cute, so. Uh. I guess I couldn’t help myself.”

Ceasar nodded and pulled the blankets up to his chin. “Just wanted to make sure,” he said. “You gonna join me here or what? It’s cold.”

Ice started. “Oh? Yeah, sure.” He slid under the covers, turning so the two of them were face-to-face. “So, that’s it?” he asked. “I thought you’d take it worse than that.”

“I’ll freak out more when I don’t feel like crap.” Ceasar wriggled around until his head fit comfortably against Ice’s shoulder. “I’m probably gonna puke on you before this is all over,” he said, “I hope you’re okay with that.”

Ice laughed. “I guess so.”

Ceasar smiled, and he held Ice’s hand while he slept.

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