A Reasonable Request

“So I kinda like you, I guess,” Tajima said, making Hanai swear and knock over the bat rack.

“Come again?” Hanai choked, scrambling to the floor.

Tajima wriggled his eyebrows. “I will if you will,” he said.

“That not what I—” Hanai’s glasses slipped down his nose and he tried to right them with his elbow. “You like me, is that what you said?”

“I think so.” Tajima knelt down to help. “I jerked off to you a couple of times, so that’s not a problem.”

Hanai dropped the bats again.

“So, I figured I might as well put it out there and see if you’d go for it.” Tajima pushed Hanai’s glasses back into place. “How about it? Wanna give it a try?”

Hanai finally righted the rack and debated beating a hasty retreat to the locker rooms. “Do I want to give what a try?”

“You know,” and Tajima wriggled his eyebrows again, “let’s check to see if you’re cool with it, too.”

“See if I’m—” Hanai thwacked Tajima across the head with his mitt, “No I’m not letting you… NO. Jesus.”

“We could just make out a little,” Tajima conceded, “You know, first date and all.”

“I am not going to make out with you or let you do anything to anything on my person,” Hanai said, “So just drop it already.”

“A kiss!” Tajima finally suggested. “Come on, how bad could that possibly be? I won’t even use any tongue.”

Hanai glanced sidelong at Tajima. “You promise to drop this whole thing if I tell you it’s gross?” he asked, shouldering his equipment bag. Tajima nodded. Hanai was beginning to wonder when snogging a teammate had begun to sound like a reasonable request, and had the sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with one of Momokan’s pep talks. “Fine,” he said, “Just one, and then we both forget this conversation ever happened.”

“Deal!” Tajima agreed, and shoved Hanai up against the lockers.

“Hey hey, whoa, wait,” Hanai stuttered as Tajima’s hands started moving ever southward, “I thought we agreed—”

“I totally lied,” Tajima said, and shoved his tongue down Hanai’s throat.

* * *

“So we’re dating now,” Tajima announced proudly to the team the next morning, holding Hanai’s hand. “All of you are gonna have to stop jerking off to him, okay? I won’t forgive you if you keep doing it.”

A disappointed groan arose from the majority of the Nishiura baseball team and a couple of the ouendan, and Hanai refused to change in the locker room for several weeks thereafter.

2 thoughts on “A Reasonable Request

  1. *slurp* That’s so good~

    I just finished 25 Ookiku Furikabutte eps and really… I noticed that besides Mihashi and Abe as a plausible pair, Tajima and Hanai would make a good couple too. I want Mihashi and Tajima the seme~ XDD

    I can totally see Mihashi and Tajima topping; maybe not right now but in a very, very VERY *near* future. *gets bricked*

    Please right moar ficcies! I especially like your Tajima… and coy Hanai… Hee~

  2. Wow that had me grinning with glee the entire time. Just… gyah! Tajima being all assertive about his wants and Hanai all flustered and embarrassed. Too cute!

    I thought the ending about most the team liking Hanai was a little overboard but then I think “Maybe they’re just yanking Hanai’s chain” which makes it ok.

    Would love to see more from you.

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