Voyeurism and Sunscreen

Teddy has a routine. On lifeguard days he eats breakfast at five in the morning, a slice of toast with blackberry jam and a glass of milk. When he finishes he walks to the beach, taking the long way down the deserted north end. Sometimes he can catch the sunrise.

Daku has a routine, too.

“There goes the shirt,” Daku says, leaning forward for a better look. “Sunscreen’s next. You sure you don’t wanna watch?”

Waka shakes his head, lounging against the convenient rock they’ve situated themselves behind. “I’m good.”


“Yeah, not spying on the lifeguard makes me queer. Queer.” Waka peeks out from behind the rock just long enough to see Teddy open a bottle of coconut suntan lotion. “Why do you gotta do this all the time, man? You’re such a creeper.”

“Hey, if the old man’s gonna make us wake up at five in the morning, might as well make the best of it.” Daku grinned. “Man, the guy’s more flexible than he looks. Got his whole back.”

“Really?” Waka scrambles up to look. “Damn.”

* * *

Daku frowns. “If he doesn’t show up soon we’re gonna have to go.” He pouts and props himself up on his elbows, scanning the beach. “My money’s on either the cat or the dog.”

“Dog,” Waka says, “with the kittens, probably.”

“Nah, s’probably the cat, he’s down here more often.”

“The cat likes to sleep in on Saturdays.”

Daku looks over at Waka, puzzled. “How do you know that?”

“Here he comes,” Waka says, pointing. “Told you it was the dog.”

“You’re not getting out of answering the question.” Daku turns his attention back to the beach. “Stupid dog gets to have all the fun,” he mutters as Ice pops open the suntan lotion. “Totally unfair.”

* * *

“Oh crap.” Daku ducks behind the rock and presses himself tight against it. “He looked over here.”

Waka continues to lounge. “You think he didn’t know you were here this whole time?”

“Shut up and check to see if he’s still looking.”

“You’re worse than the kids, man,” Waka sighs, but he still leans over and peers up the beach. “Uh oh.”


“He’s coming over here,” Waka says.

“What?! Shit shit shit.” Daku’s eyes go wide and he pulls his knees up to his chest.

“Not going to help,” Waka says, and points. Teddy is already standing beside Daku, his arms crossed.

“Oh.” Daku flashes a tight smile. “Hey, mister lifeguard. Nice tan. Almost as good as mine. You could teach this bastard a thing or two, spends the whole day in the sun and he’s still all pasty and gross.”

“Don’t drag me into this.”

Teddy grabs Daku by the arm and hoists him to his feet.

“Okay,” Daku says, “I admit it, I may have been spying on you a lot. You’re hot. Your own fault, when you think about it.”

Teddy rolls his eyes and drags Daku down the beach. Waka waves.

“Look, I tried to be discreet about it, I don’t know what you’re getting so worked up over. You’re on a public beach and everything, not like I’m peeping in your room at night. Which I totally could if I wanted to. Who’s gonna stop me? Gladiator here.”

Teddy doesn’t say anything. Soon they’re out of sight of the beach, on the rocky part of the shore. Teddy presses Daku against the cliff face.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Daku argues stubbornly. “What’re you gonna do, huh? I’ll kick your ass.”

Teddy kisses Daku hard on the mouth.

“I’ve been watching, too,” Teddy mumbles, and his voice is deep and rough.

“Oh,” Daku says, “Well, that’s alright then.”

* * *

Waka rolls his eyes, exasperated. “Why we still doing this? You made out with the guy just this morning.”

“I got a routine. Besides, you don’t turn down a free meal just because you just had lunch. It’s free.” Daku cranes his neck for a better view and peers up the beach. “Oh yeah,” he says, “Take it off slow for me, sexy lifeguard. Who’s your daddy?”


“Cat’s about to put on his sunscreen,” Daku says.

“Really?” Waka scrambles to look. “Damn,” he says, “Kid’s just as bendy as he looks.”

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