Of Stalking and Sleepovers

“Yang Yang.” Senior Nan stood in the doorway, toothbrush in hand, fluffy pink towel he swore belonged to his mother if asked slung carelessly across his shoulders. “Yang Yang,” he repeated, more forcefully this time, as if that would make the world make sense.

Yang Yang smiled at Nan and snuggled further under the covers. “What took you so long, Senior Nan?” he asked, “I was almost asleep.”

“Yang Yang,” Nan said again, a little more exasperated this time as they approached the heart of the matter, “this is not your room. That is not your bed. And those,” and he gave a very pointed look towards the pink silk number Yang Yang was wearing, “are certainly not your pyjamas.” He paused, then added, “Those were a gift from my mother, you know.”

“You never wear them anyway,” Yang Yang whined. He smiled. “Don’t I look cute, senior Nan? Cuter than that girl you were flirting with after class today?”

Nan almost told him “no,” remembered what had happened the last time he tried that, and for the sake of all the breakable objects in his room decided against it. “Why are you in my room?” he asked instead, that being the more pressing concern. Hadn’t he locked the door? He was pretty sure he had, and that raised questions for which he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to know the answers.

“Don’t you remember?” Yang Yang beamed as he clung to Nan’s pillow. “I asked you yesterday if I could sleep over sometime and you said yes!”

“‘Sometime,’ you said, not ‘tomorrow night!'” Nan scowled. “And I was drunk!”

“I know,” Yang Yang said. “You wouldn’t have said yes if you weren’t.”

Nan’s eyebrow twitched. He fell briefly into a daydream wherein Yang Yang was shunned by the entire student body for not being cute enough, then put away his toothbrush and his pink fuzzy towel and crawled into bed. Yang Yang clung to him immediately, burying his face in Nan’s shoulder.

“By the way,” Nan said as he turned off the light, “did you delete all the numbers in my cell while I was in the shower?”

“Maybe,” Yang Yang said.

Nan sighed. “Good night, Yang Yang.”

“Good night, senior Nan.”

Rui Xi nearly choked on a bagel when she saw the pair walk out of Nan’s bedroom together the next morning, but that is a story for another day.

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