it's a legitimate question

“Um.” Ceasar squirmed as Ice licked up his neck and along the edge of his ear. “Um.”

“What?” Ice grinned at him, all sex and pheromones, “getting cold feet, Ceasar the pervert?”

Ceasar frowned and tugged Ice’s shirt off. “It’s just…” and he tried not to groan as he finally, finally slid his mouth down Ice’s chest, sucking and nipping his way down his sternum, “how do we decide who’s on top?”


“I’ve never got this far before!” Not that I remember, anyway.Ice’s laugh stained Ceasar’s cheeks red with angry embarrassment (which only made him laugh harder). He smacked Ice in the shoulder. “Answer the damn question!”

“Well,” Ice’s grin was wide enough now to show off his sharp canines, “since I’m the one with experience, I guess that means I should take charge.”

“No fair!” Ceasar sputtered, sitting bolt upright and knocking Ice onto his back. He quickly scrambled across the bed to straddle Ice’s hips. “I wanna do you!”

Ice slid his hands under Ceasar’s tank top, hot on the bare skin of his back. “Without you going into pervert mode on me,” he said, “I think I have the advantage.”

Ceasar made a face. Where was that goddamn surge of adrenaline and lust and desire when he needed it? Perhaps, he thought, it had been blindsided by the fact that he was actually getting some from a willing partner; Ceasar himself certainly had been. Well, if the virus wasn’t going to help then he’d just have to fake being a dirty old man trapped in a teenager’s body. It couldn’t be that hard.

However, while Ceasar was having his little inner monologue, Ice had pinned him down to the bed and divested him of his pants. “You wear really short boxers,” he said, amused, as he began kissing along the inside of Ceasar’s thighs.

“Oi!” Ceasar squirmed and struggled, “what do you think you’re doing! Don’t get carried away, I still—” Ceasar broke off mid sentence and gasped, biting down hard on his lip to keep from moaning, “oh… oh… you cheated, you jerk.”


Ceasar writhed and gasped and spread his legs and vowed to Ice that the next time he wouldn’t give up so easily.

Ice replied that he would welcome the challenge.

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