Soaked Through

“I can’t see a thing,” Tsutsui complained, pulling his jacket more tightly around himself in a futile attempt to discover some dry bit he’d missed. “Can you see it yet? It should be here soon.”

“When it gets here, I’ll tell you.” Kaga tried to light his cigarette, discovering for the third time that hour how difficult the rain made this process. “Maybe you should think about contacts if your glasses fog up that much.”

“And whose fault is it that I’m out here in the first place?!” Tsutsui tried to glare at Kaga but ended up giving dirty looks to a nearby tree. “I’m not the one who can’t go one week without detention!”

Kaga tried not to grin, sensing it would get him in a lot of trouble if Tsutsui happened to notice. Still, he couldn’t help saying “I didn’t ask you to wait for me, you could’ve caught the earlier bus.”

Tsutsui pointedly removed his glasses and began methodically wiping the moisture off of them before muttering “Of course I had to wait for you,” to the sidewalk. He looked like he might spontaneously combust if it wasn’t so wet outside.

Tsutsui squeaked as Kaga pulled him into a rough embrace, “You’ve got to quit being so fucking adorable or I’ll end up violating you right here on the street,” he whispered, tossing his cigarette in a puddle because, really, it was just going to be in the way in a few minutes.

“Really?” Kaga could tell without looking that the smaller boy was smiling. “In the rain?”

“Of course in the rain. Haven’t you ever seen one of those stupid romance flicks?”

“None that ended quite like that.” Tsutsui leaned into Kaga, instinctively seeking warmth because Kaga was better than a heated blanket on days like this, mostly because he’d never met a blanket that could kiss like that. He didn’t even mind the lingering taste of cigarette smoke anymore, would even go so far as to say he actually liked it were he only a little more bold and a little less worried about the long-term health risks Kaga’s pack-a-day lifestyle posed.

“Tsutsui,” Kaga leaned back and growled, “are you going to keep thinking about lung cancer or are you going to fucking kiss me?”

Well, there was plenty of time to worry about black lungs and chemotherapy. A little delirious from standing in the rain for an hour and a half, Tsutsui yanked on the collar of Kaga’s jacket and initiated the second round of—as Kaga liked to call it—mouth ravishing.

The shougi captain broke away and moved his lips close to Tsutsui’s ear. “Come over to my place tonight.”

It was a school night. Tsutsui had homework in all of his classes. He hesitated.



Okay, he might regret saying yes tomorrow, but it was raining and he was cold and the things they did together in Kaga’s room when his parents were out sounded much more appealing than integrals. Then Kaga was kissing him again and that sealed the deal, the shock of warm hands on the skin of his back almost as jarring as the cold spray of muddy water that pelted their faces a few minutes later.

Tsutsui sputtered and jammed his glasses on his face just in time to see their bus barreling down the road. “No!” He scrambled out of Kaga’s arms and made a half-hearted run towards the retreating vehicle. “Kaga, you made us miss it again!”

“Me?!” Kaga huffed. “I wasn’t swappin’ spit with myself, you know!”

“Well, you started it!”

They might have continued, but Kaga decided that there were better things to do in the rain with his boyfriend than argue with him.

Suddenly, Tsutsui found the idea of waiting for the next bus much more appealing.

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