Shuichi looked warily at a nearby clump of bushes as he plucked at the manager’s shirt. “There’s some creepy guy hiding in there.”

“Another fan?” K had a gun loaded with rubber bullets cocked and ready before Shuichi could blink. “When will they learn?”

“Just don’t kill him, okay? We don’t need another Kansai incident.”

“Hey, what’d I tell you?” K winked, “What happens in Kansai, stays in Kansai. Besides,” he added as he slinked off towards the bush, “they won’t let me carry one of those anymore.”

As K got closer he could hear soft breathing coming from the shrubs, and patches of beige showed through the sparser bits of foliage. He had to give this one credit, though; if Shuichi hadn’t happened to glance over as they passed, he would’ve never noticed the guy. That was dedication. He lowered his gun and pushed back the branches, thinking that maybe he wouldn’t rough this one up too mu—

Oh, what the fuck. He was sleeping. In a shrub.

K sighed and tucked his gun back in the holster before kicking the boy, a green-haired brat even younger than Shu, gently on the shoulder. “Oi. Get up.”

“Mm?” The boy yawned and peered up at K, straightening his sunglasses and blinking rapidly. “You’re gonna blow my cover, mai brozaa. I must show Kazuki the way of the doujin so we can rule the world.”

“That’s very nice,” K said, placating, “but no one ever ruled the world from a bush, and your skulking is disturbing my charge. Please move along.”

“But-but-but-but!” the boy’s eyes went wide and he clung to K’s pant leg, “I must stay in hiding so that at the critical moment I can pop out and deliver words of wisdom that will guide Kazuki down the path towards his destiny!”

“And I can appreciate that.” K shook his leg in an attempt to dislodge the strange young man, but to no avail. “I myself have lain in hiding for days for reasons not unlike your own. However, not only has your cover been blown, but since you’ve carelessly fallen asleep, your target has probably already moved on.”

A look of horror crossed the young man’s face. “You’re right!” he cried as he leapt to his feet, “I can’t believe I could be so careless! This isn’t like me at all! Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that sketchy tofu…”

“Hey, it happens to the best of us,” K patted the boy on the back, “just be more careful next time.”

They exchanged a few more words and a few more reassuring back-pats before the boy ran off, presumably to meet up with this ‘Kazuki’ in another location. K waved goodbye and then strolled back to Shuichi. “Taken care of.”

“K,” the pop-rocker looked at him oddly, “Did you… fondle that guy’s ass? Or am I just seeing things?”

K smiled cryptically and put an arm around his charge. “Come on, we’ve got a taping to get to.”



Taishi twisted around, trying to get a glimpse of his rear in the mirror. He could have sworn he saw…

There, in the middle of the right cheek. K, 555-1234. In mirror writing, no less.

“Oh, he has got to teach me how to do that.”

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