“Guess what?”

Izumo squints at Kotetsu’s face, shadowed by the sunlit window at his back. “What?”

“Ten years!”

“What about them?” It is far too early for this.

Kotetsu pokes the other man, half-playful, half-annoyed. “That’s how long we’ve known each other.”

“That so?” Izumo thinks for a moment. It’s midsummer. They were fourteen then. Has it been so long already?

Kotetsu sighs and collapses onto the sheets. “You forgot, right? You’re such an unromantic guy.”

“Find someone else if you want romance.”

“Don’t want someone else.” Kotetsu starts kissing him, light and playful. “Want you just how you are.”

“You mean naked?” Izumo makes a face as Kotetsu kisses him again. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you.”


“One,” he continues, “for every year I’ve known you.”

Izumo’s begun to kiss back, because if Kotetsu’s going to do it anyway they might as well do it properly. “Is this a new tradition?” he teases, “Are you going to keep doing this when we’ve known each other for forty years and you’ll have to spend all day smooching me?”

“God willing.” He’s perfectly serious.

They definitely don’t stop at ten.

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