Temporary Memory Loss

“Izumo,” Tsunade tapped her foot and crossed her arms, picture of impatience, “where’s the paperwork for the chuunin exam results?”

The scratching of the young man’s pen ceased as he looked up, confused. “The what, Tsunade-sama?”

“The paperwork you were supposed have filled out for me by this afternoon to make all the rank changes official,” the Hokage replied, leaning forward to bring her face level with her subordinate’s. “Where is it?”

Izumo’s eyes went wide and his knuckles turned white as he gripped his pen in fear. “I-I’m sorry, Hokage-sama!” he apologized, bewildered to learn he had made such a grave slip, “I don’t know how I could have forgotten something that—”

“Izumo!” A hurricane with wild hair and little regard for standard greetings blew into the room. “I talked to scheduling, and we can get that day off together after all!” Kotetsu pushed past the Hokage and pulled Izumo right out of his chair, kissing his friend in a way that surely violated several public indecency laws.

“Kotetsu!” Izumo sputtered as he somehow managed to separate their faces from one another, “I was talking with the Hoka—”

“I’ve got to go finish today’s work, but you think of something you want to do that day, okay?” Another kiss, apparently for the road, and Kotetsu was out the door, a casual “Good afternoon, Hokage-sama” tossed over his shoulder as he left.

Tsunade smiled. “Ah. I see what happened.” She shook her head. “Just make sure you get them finished before you leave today.”

The chuunin gazed somewhere in Tsunade’s general direction and replied dreamily, “Finish what again?”

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