You spend entirely too much time with him.I do what you ask me, and the life I live beyond that is none of your business.

    He’s distracting you.He’s not distracting me from anything.

    You’re not supposed to fall in love.Abandoning me here for eons wasn’t part of the deal, either.

    I’m always right here.Intangible.

    Not inaudible.Your sparkling wit isn’t enough for me anymore.

    It always was before.I loved you before.

    You still love me.I wonder.

    I don’t.You’re mad because he’s nothing like you.

    Why would I care?I could’ve had someone like you.

    You couldn’t get him.I didn’t try.

    Try now.I don’t want him.

    When did it start?The moment you left me alone.

    He’ll leave you alone, too.Because you make me stay.

    You’ll only get a lifetime.That’s more than I ever got from you.

    I had duties.I know.

    You don’t care.No.

    I’m going to do everything to keep you apart.I’ll still love him.

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