He wears your life like second-hand clothing, ill fitting and unfamiliar.

    I guess we’ll be working together from now on.

How dare he?

    It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’ve always really looked up to you.He doesn’t even remember who he’s pretending to be.

    You’re not as intimidating as you think you are, you know.He walks like you and he talks like you, but all the little things are off.

    I met her in Sector Six last week.Hair. Eyes. Lips.

    I told you I admired you, didn’t I?And that makes it worse.

    It can be our little secret.Because I remember all the things I can’t have.

    Sephiroth…And I hate him for it.

    I think one of my men is from there.I want to ruin this life he’s constructed out of yours.

    Why?I’m tired of seeing you when I look at him.

    I trusted you!Hating me.

    I loved you.Zack.

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