Innocently Enough

It started, as is the case with most sordid love affairs, innocently enough.

“Your Highness?”

Murata raised his head a few inches off the dusty desktop, squinting to make sense of the figure in the doorway without the aid of his glasses. “Are you here on business, Yozak, or are you just standing on formalities to be obstinate?”

“Business,” was Yozak’s clipped reply, “with Conrad and His Majesty. Which begs the question: what are you doing in Yuuri’s study?”

The sage nodded, not quite able to pull off the look of cunning and wisdom he was famous for with his eyes so hopelessly out of focus. “And a very good question it is. Straight to the point. Commendable.” He grinned. “Pity I can’t tell you the answer, though. I must say, it’s a good one. You’d find it most interesting, I’m sure.”

“With all due respect, Your Highness, I have work to do.”

Murata groped amongst the piles of paperwork for his missing specs. “Well, by all means—ah, here they are—by all means, don’t let me stop you.” He slid on the glasses and blinked as the room came in to focus and goodness, when had Yozak moved over to the desk? “If there’s anything I could do to help besides breaking a sworn oath of secrecy, please let me know.”

A sigh. “You could only help if you were Conrad in disguise, Your Highness.” He looked at the notoriously cunning young man suspiciously. “You’re not, are you?”


“What kind of an answer is that?”

Murata leaned forward, resting his chin in his hand, completely in control as usual and enjoying it. “The kind Conrad would give to piss you off?”

“Captain’s not usually that sadistic unless I’ve done something wrong, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t.” Yozak leaned down, bringing them eye-to-eye as he continued his careful study. “I could always fall back on the old standard, just to be sure.”

Black brows furrowed slightly. “And what would that be?” he asked, and then Yozak’s face came in closer and he would have let out a most undignified squawk except it was hard to make that kind of noise with someone else’s tongue in your mouth and oh my god when had Yozak learned to do that?

Murata’s face was bright red and he was breathing a little shakily by the time Yozak broke away. The redhead straightened up and nodded, seemingly satisfied. “Definitely not Conrad, I wouldn’t be standing now if you were. Guess I’ll have to check the baseball diamond, that’s where they usually hide out.” He was already moving out of the room, but when he reached the door he turned back and grinned. “You’re a pretty good kisser, Murata. We’ll have to do that again sometime.” Then with a wink and a wave, he was gone.

It was a few minutes before the shock wore off and Murata started moving again. With a look of grim determination on his face, he found a blank piece of paper among the sea of half-done forms and laws-to-be, dipped a quill into the nearly empty inkwell at his elbow, and scratched out a note addressed to the barracks.


Please inform Yozak that I would have words with him this evening before he leaves on any new assignments…

Okay, perhaps it didn’t really start out innocently at all, but it sounds so much more romantic that way.

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