Keo lifted a hand to shade his eyes and peered up at Sekkal, yawning. “You’re here for what?”

“You’re ditching your dad to fish, right?” Sekkal drew up his skirt as he stepped gingerly into the small boat. “I want to help you.”

“Help me with what?”

“Fishing, you imbecile.”

“Oh.” Keo leaned forward and leered at the positively scandalous amount of leg Sekkal was showing (that is, if the island had any concrete decency laws, it would be scandalous). “Here I was hoping you wanted to lend me a hand in… other areas.”

Keo decided he probably deserved the subsequent oar to the face.

Soon enough, the two rowed the boat offshore and cast a net into the water. Keo, wanting to spend some quality time with his boy, deliberately positioned them in a spot with very few fish. Sekkal, not familiar with the intricacies of fishing, did not notice the difference. A half hour passed.

“You’d rather do this than trader work?”

Keo smiled. “It has its benefits. Peace, quiet,” in a moment he had Sekkal pinned to the floor of the boat, “and privacy, that’s the most important thing…”

“Keo!” Sekkal turned red and struggled under his lover’s weight, “I’m not having boat sex with you!”

“You were all for crate sex, what’s so much worse about this?”

“That was a crate, this is a boat, it’s completely different.” A kick to Keo’s stomach finally freed Sekkal.

“At least here there’re no chickens looking on in shock.” Keo rubbed his abdomen and glared, quite put out.

Sekkal opened his mouth to rebut, an opportunity Keo was going to use to shove his tongue down his boyfriend’s throat and perhaps turn the argument in his favor, when they were both distracted by a shout from shore.


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